Populating the ServiceM8 materials catalogue with the materials you have previously purchased to help with invoicing as you purchase for stock not per job.

What we recommend doing is creating a job within ServiceM8 under your business' contact and labeling it Stock in the description (this job number will be the next consecutive job number) - leave this job open as a work order permanently.

Then for all of your future stock orders use that job number when purchasing from the supplier. That way Burdi will automatically populate the ServiceM8 stock job and the materials catalogue with the items you've purchased making it easy to start typing the product in other jobs and ServiceM8 will help you fill it out.

You can also do this on your previous invoices by changing the invoice job numbers in bulk from the purchases page to the stock job number. Use the tick boxes > edit selected > edit to the stock job number.

Proceed to push the job to ServiceM8 (jobs tab > open job) - Pushing by job will save you pushing each invoice.

Be aware this might take a while depending on the number of products as ServiceM8 only allows us to push so many items per minute.

If you wanted to go an extra step you could have a stock job per vehicle/staff member so you can keep track of who's purchasing what.

We also highly recommend using the Margin Billing add on with ServiceM8, Burdi always supplies SM8 with the cost and margin applied, but SM8 doesn't show you unless you have margin billing activated - unfortunately only available for premium users. We still find it beneficial as you can quickly see if you can apply more margin to items - quickly surpassing the outlay of a premium account.

You can always downgrade again if you prefer.