Privacy is a top priority at Burdi and we have taken a number of measures to safeguard both user and supplier private and confidential information.  

Burdi is an invoice data management tool that has been designed for businesses to reduce time spent on administration and to identify any potential oversights in price variations among their own current and previous purchases. It has not been designed nor can it be used to compare the cost of purchased materials across users.  

Users do have access to Burdi’s recommended retail price tool to compare the on-sell price of their materials to their customers. This tool has been designed to ensure businesses are not losing profits by undercharging their materials or overcharging their customers. This tool has been created with the recommended retail price that most suppliers offer in mind.

You will note that as a user you can only reference your own purchases and cannot see the purchased items nor the purchase prices of other businesses. Burdi provides no comparison data on what other users are paying for their products and supplies. Burdi has taken the deliberate action of not disclosing or sharing purchase pricing between users as we believe that this would risk losing the support of our valued customers and suppliers. 

At Burdi, we understand the multiple factors suppliers need to take into consideration when pricing their materials. We understand that suppliers have various terms which justify their prices such as volume purchased, both fixed and variable costs, and the long-term relationships they have with their clients. We believe it would be unethical for our users to know other’s purchasing data when they are not privy to the information surrounding the supplier’s terms and arrangements.  

At Burdi, our mission is to help businesses across Australia save time and work more efficiently. We aim to eliminate the human errors that come with manual data entry and connect the trade industry through consistency. It’s our ultimate goal to create a win-win for trade businesses, customers, and suppliers alike, ensuring long-lasting relationships through the automation of data-entry. 

If you or your suppliers have any questions we are more than happy to discuss any and all concerns.  Please feel free to call us on 1800 223 532 or emailing us at